Giana Allen and Psychology of Design

Giana Allen, M.A. is a pioneer in the field of psychology of design. A builder, furniture designer, decorator, world traveler, writer, and lecturer, she seamlessly blends her expertise in psychology, and design to create a unique approach to imaginative living and working spaces.

After years of collaboration as the creative developer launching a multi-million dollar sporting club, Allen was inspired to venture off on her own creating Giana Allen Design. In the last four years has built designed and furnished million dollar plus estates which have sometimes sold in just days of hitting the market. Her creative focus helped to birth an upscale furniture and lighting line now being sold exclusively at Giana Allen Home in addition to the collection of antiques and collectables from her world travels. Allen’s homes, have reached the readers of such magazines as Robb Report, Luxe Magazine, Freshhome, Palm Beach Illustrated as well as appearances on NBC’s Open House.

In addition to her building and design work she works as a consultant for both companies and entrepreneurs in working in depth with the owners helping them to clearly focus on their vision. Allen believes that people have the ability to shift themselves from what they think they are to what they know their true selves to be. She guides her clients to recognize their life’s purpose and dream, ultimately transforming their vision into a physical reality. Her work not only transforms the lives of her clients but streamlines their vision to profit financially in fine tuning what they are truly creating for themselves and their clients.

Giana has worked closely in the development of Pinecreek Sporting Club, an exclusive multi-million dollar private shooting club located within an hour from Palm Beach, Florida.


As a pioneer in this field of Psychology of Design Giana believes that our living space is the canvas upon which we paint our life’s landscape.Our life’s purpose truly is using physical space to render what our life looks like on the outside to reflect who we are on the inside.

 Psychology of Design is a transformational process employing the elements of space and design toward an emotional realization of our authentic selves in our living space.

 Having the ability to interpret our inner voices when we are creating space is an avenue to access our inner beliefs and understandings about ourselves. Using design as a process to hear our dreams, our doubts, and fears can be a tool to unleash the authentic self that is our genuine mode of self-expression.

 Space is a tool to create. If we are able to better navigate our voices within us we can unleash the parts of our beings that express who we are. We then can interpret “who we are” through the physical items that surround us. Whether we need to get rid of something or have an inexplicable desire to attain an object, we must access the blockages within us that limit us from moving forward in our process as artistic designers.

 Psychology of Design makes use of our feelings and beliefs to navigate our decision-making. By carefully listening, we slow down the process of decision, while, at the same time, we increase the speed of efficacy as to how we live our life… our hearts desire and purpose.

 As sentient beings, we have authentic selves that can act as artistic creators.